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Language pairs include English to Spanish and Spanish to English.
We offer translation of a variety of materials and documents.
We also offer phone and video interpretation for online events, webinars, and medical appointments.
*For all other languages, please contact us so we can confirm availability.

Spanish translator, Spanish translator near me


Translated materials help organizations better engage with Spanish-speaking community members. This will ensure equal access to information and opportunities in a variety of situations.

Having education materials translated will facilitate communication with Spanish-speaking students and maintain parental engagement in their children's education.

We translate a variety of documents such as, but not limited to:

  • Early Childhood education materials

  • K-12 materials

  • Foreign Diplomas and Transcripts

  • Birth Certificate

  • Marriage Certificates

  • Professional Development materials

  • Surveys and Focus Group materials

Each translation is done using the best available technology along with a native speaker for quality control and accuracy.

Certificate of Accuracy is available for vital documents, as needed.

Medical Interpreter, Spanish Medical interpreter

*In-person and virtual

Certified Spanish medical interpreting to help patients and medical providers build a better relationship, improve healthcare outcomes, and reduce confusion during medical encounters.

Our Certified Medical Interpreter will help you communicate with your patients in a language they can understand while maintaining patient privacy. Increase the likelihood of follow-up care and treatment success by providing language access.

Spanish Speaking Facilitator, Spanish speaker for meetings


Facilitation of focus groups, survey meetings, open discussion sessions, etc. by a Spanish-speaking language professional communicating with Spanish-speakers only

(no interpretation).


We will use your list of questions or your facilitator guide to find the questions or feedback you need.

**Please note: depending on your needs, a facilitator and a separate note-taker may be required.

A session summary, answers to focus group questions, and meeting notes will be delivered for you to use in your decision-making and/or research process.

Spanish Interpreter, Video interpreter, Phone interpreter

In-person and virtual

Consecutive and simultaneous Interpretation services are available for various scenarios such as:

  • school conferences

  • professional development events

  • medical appointments

  • webinars

  • general meetings

We help organizations communicate with their audience at meetings, briefings, conferences and other needs. 


Interpretation facilitates a mutual exchange of information in a variety of situations.

American Sign Language is currently offered via Video Remote platforms.

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