Language pairs include English to Spanish and Spanish to English.
We offer translation of educational materials such as IEP Plans, Parent Guides, School Manuals, Course Catalogs, Brochures, Student Orientation Packets, and various study materials.
We also offer phone and video interpretation for online events, webinars, and medical appointments.
*For all other languages, please contact us so we can pair you with our trusted partners.

Educational Translation


Having education materials translated will help communication with Spanish-speaking students and their parents to maintain engagement.

Strata translates a variety of documents such as, but not limited to, school conference materials, K-12 Forms, study materials, Foreign Diplomas and Transcripts.

Each translation is done using the best available technology along with a native speaker for quality control and accuracy.

Official documents come with a signed/stamped certification.

Medical Interpretation services

*In-person and virtual

Certified Spanish medical interpreting to help patients and medical providers build a better relationship, improve healthcare outcomes, and reduce confusion during medical encounters.

Our Certified Medical Interpreter will help you communicate with your patients in a language they can understand while maintaining patient privacy. Increase the likelihood of follow-up care by providing language access.

Machine Translation Post-Editing


Post-editing of machine translation and automatic translation is available for when you are short on time or budget. Our team will review and edit your machine translated document to make sure the document suits your needs and conveys your intended message.


*In-person and virtual

Consecutive and simultaneous Interpretation services are available for various scenarios such as school conferences, medical appointments, webinars, and general meetings.

All industries can benefit from having an interpreter on staff. If hiring someone is not necessary, we can assist you by being the go-to company for your meetings, briefings, conferences and other needs.

Individuals can also benefit by reaching out to our team whenever an interpreter is needed.