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Okay, I need to provide translation or interpretation...but what is the big deal?

You might think that providing translation or interpretation for your audience is not a big deal. Here are some benefits to partnering with a professional translator or interpreter to deliver your message!

Translation Benefits
  • Professional Training (being bilingual is just the tip of the iceberg!)

  • Including those who don't speak/understand English, those who speak/understand some English, or those whose preferred language is another other than English

  • Parent/Guardian involvement (parent-teacher conferences, IEP meetings)

  • Reach a larger audience (not only can your audience understand you, but you can understand them!)

  • Customer loyalty

  • Reduce inequities

  • Impartial party (not a family member or friend who may omit portions of your message or simply not have the right words for the topic)

  • Virtual interpreting: Can reach community members who cannot attend in person due to work, family obligations, or lack of transportation

  • Patients better understand their health and how to play an active role in staying healthy, monitoring their own health conditions, or caring for their loved ones

  • Surveys and focus groups: A better understanding of the needs and feedback of an entire community by including those whose primary language is not English

For more information or a consultation about language services, get in touch with our team!

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